Whole Of Life Cover Quote


Rates last updated: 26 October 2021

Whole of life cover quotes tend to rise with age but can be reduced if you shop around and use a whole of life cover quotes comparison service that matches you to the best insurance company for your situation, (that’s your current age, smoking status, etc).

We have created a table of whole of life cover quotes to give you an idea as to what you could expect to pay for different cover levels at a sample of different ages.

The most important consideration when buying a whole of life insurance is that you can afford to maintain the premiums until you die so its even more important that you get the best deal on your whole life premiums in the first place.

Whole Of Life Cover Quotes – (these are for monthly premium policies and once they go into force they are guaranteed not to change)

Whole Of Life Cover QuotesAge 35 NonSmokerAge 35 SmokerAge 40 NonSmokerAge 40 SmokerAge 45 NonSmokerAge 45 SmokerAge 50 NonSmokerAge 50 Smoker
£10,000 £13.24£15.71£15.31£18.25£18.01£21.13£18.80£24.58
£25,000 £26.11£32.73£31.11£38.21£37.65£47.05£44.00£55.67
£50,000 £45.05£54.70£54.38£66.85£66.54£84.92£74.95£94.35
£100,000 £82.93£106.68£100.90£126.35£124.34£159.75£147.90£186.70
£250,000 £197.95£256.38£242.16£304.78£299.82£386.95£364.18£463.75
Last Updated: 26 October 2021 (Source: PayingTooMuch.com)

Whole Of Life Cover QuotesAge 55 NonSmokerAge 55 SmokerAge 60 NonSmokerAge 60 SmokerAge 65 NonSmokerAge 65 SmokerAge 70 NonSmokerAge 70 Smoker
£10,000 £22.43£29.48£27.40£37.23£33.56£47.47£42.72£60.08
£25,000 £52.33£67.93£60.34£85.50£75.23£108.85£97.36£139.34
£50,000 £91.35£122.80£108.82£155.70£136.57£199.19£177.78£255.99
£100,000 £177.03£239.30£205.77£296.09£259.24£379.88£338.63£487.85
£250,000 £429.47£592.91£500.18£722.37£631.72£928.53£827.04£1,197.71
Last updated: 26 October 2021 (Source: PayingTooMuch.com)

The example premiums for whole life cover show that smokers pay more than NonSmokers.

However, most insurance company questions on smoking in the UK simply ask if you have used any tobacco products within the last 12 months. This means that no matter how long you have smoked for, if you quit for 12 months you can switch to the NonSmoker rates.